About Matt

Matt McElroy BSc Civ Eng, BSc Surveying, Dip Community Work.

Matt is a qualified Civil Engineer and Surveyor. He is in the final stages of completing his EMRS (Electro Magnetic Radiation Specialist) studies with the Building Biology Institute. Matt became aware of being electrically sensitive (ES) in 2010, and knows how difficult living with low EMF can be. Lately many new electrical technologies have been introduced, additionally 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) are now starting operation. This has resulted in a very complex non-native electromagnetic environment with dramatically increased exposure levels.

This almost universal lack of knowledge concerning the dangers of nnEMF (non-native EMF), prompted Matt to study the field of Building Biology and to specialize in electromagnetic inspections.

He is now offering services to measure levels and identify sources of man-made, electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including low and high frequency radiation with a focus on personal exposure assessment and mitigation solutions.

Matt is actively involved with community development groups, he promotes continuous education that encompass change in EMF/RF issues & government standards. He provides practical, compassionate guidance for those who have been injured from electromagnetic exposures as well as health conscious, forward thinking individuals and families.


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