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How Does EMF Cause Cancer?

We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields everywhere. Electromagnetic fields are emitted by household electronics like computers, radios, and microwaves. Electromagnetic fields are also emitted by base stations for mobile phones and power cables outside.

Hence it is essential to ensure that exposure does not result in cancer or other diseases; there has been significant research on how electromagnetic fields affect human health. If you are wondering how emf causes cancer?

In this blog, we talk about the most recent research has to say regarding whether or not power lines affect cancer risk.

A form of non-ionizing, shallow frequency (ELF) radiation is at the low-energy end of the electromagnetic spectrum. Non-ionizing radiation has sufficient energy to vibrate or move atoms but not enough power to destroy DNA. ELF is non-ionizing radiation with an even lower point than radiofrequency, visible light, and infrared radiation.
Electric and magnetic fields are linked in most radiation types, and they are considered single entities because they function as one electromagnetic field (EMF). The magnetic and electrical fields can exist and behave individually in the presence of ELF radiation; therefore, they are frequently examined separately.

Home electrical appliances are another source of magnetic field exposure for kids. Although much electrical equipment has magnetic fields more significant than those near power lines, a person’s overall exposure to magnetic fields is decreased since most appliances are only utilized briefly. Moving even a little distance away from most electrical items significantly lowers exposure.

Consider electromagnetic fields as a spectrum, with low-frequency radiation at the low end (where power lines exist) and high-frequency radiation at the high end (where radiation types like x-rays fall). High-frequency radiation, which may destroy DNA and cells, is more dangerous than low-frequency radiation.

Power lines are among the numerous sources of electromagnetic fields in our surroundings. Your house or place of business receives the energy produced by power plants via electric wires. Low-frequency, non-ionizing radiation is produced by the continuous flow of electricity through these transmission cables.

Some individuals are concerned about cancer and EMF exposure. EMF exposure and an increased incidence of juvenile leukaemia have been linked in specific research but not in others. Other research does not mention the same between EMF exposure and other pediatric malignancies, and adult studies did not establish a connection between EMF exposure and cancer.

Some individuals are concerned that using wireless cell phones can lead to cancer or other health issues. The phones emit RF, or radiofrequency energy, a type of EM radiation, and science has not yet discovered a connection between cell phone use and human health issues. Before concluding how EMF cause cancer, scientists must conduct an additional study in this area.

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