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6 Ways EMF Can Affect Brain And Why EMF survey in Cobh Is Crucial

EMF radiation and its harmful effects are gaining traction. People are becoming more mindful of EMF radiations and opting for the EMF survey in Cobh but is EMF really harmful?

Yes, high levels of EMF can harm your body and cause many side effects, but what about the brain? Can the brain be affected by EMF, and can the EMF survey in Cobh help with it?

Yes, long exposure to EMF can affect your brain negatively. Below we are addressing the top 6 ways in which EMF can affect your brain. This allows you to understand the implications of high exposure to EMF and help you become more mindful!

  1. Destroy DNA

Long-term exposure to even a weak electromagnetic field can cause irreparable great damage to your body. Not just anywhere, but precisely the brain. According to scientists, the application of an electromagnetic field to lab rats over time caused DNA fragmentation in the brain. This DNA damage may be the cause of brain cancers.

       2. Loose Balance

After studying the effects of EMF on rats, it was seen that rats began to move in tight circles after being subjected to an electromagnetic field. Scientists believe that rats lose their sense of balance in the field, causing them to run in circles. Lack of equilibrium may have also generated nausea, which produces lethargy and may be one of the reasons rats stop eating.

      3. Reduce your ability to speak

Broca’s region in the brain is responsible for speech. A massive electromagnetic field delivered to the area completely eliminates the ability, leaving you speechless. As soon as the field affects that portion of the brain, subjects under this type of stimulation simply stop speaking while the rest of their activities remain unaffected.

      4. Induce fear, panic, and confusion

EMF is also known to cause anxiety. People living in high EMF areas occasionally describe a persistent, if minor, feeling of discomfort. Others experience a more visceral reaction, characterized by emotions of hopelessness and paranoia that morph into an intense panic. You must immediately get an EMF survey in Cobh if you notice such symptoms within yourself or your family members.

      5. Hallucinations

People have had distinct hallucinations due to electromagnetic fields or electric shocks. Even in laboratory settings, test subjects who are exposed to them have reportedly complained about being followed, questioned, or observed. EMF can cause unpleasant feelings. Some people even interpret an imaginary presence around them, which they address as evil, particularly accompanied by a sense of dread.

      6. Cause Seizures and Death.

Under extreme conditions, exposure to electromagnetic fields can result in a variety of severe neurological consequences. According to studies, it can alter the blood flow in the brain and inhibit neuron groupings. Under the impact of strong magnetic fields, some individuals have experienced violent seizures, lost consciousness, slipped into comas, and died. It is one of the reasons why dwellings with strong electromagnetic fields are associated with ghost stories.

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