Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones in Ireland

Harmful Effects Of Mobile Phones in Ireland

Owing to the excellent features of mobile phones and smartphones, many people can’t imagine their life without their mobile phones. There is no doubt that mobile phones can make your life easier yet there are many harmful effects on your health as well as the environment. 

The main reason behind the negative effects of mobile phones is the harmful radiation that is emitted by your cell phone. Excessive exposure to radiation will not only lead to serious health ailments but also harm the environment in several ways. Keep reading to know more about the harmful effects of mobile phones in Ireland

Mobile phones usually emit radio waves. Though these radiations are of low frequency and won’t impact your health instantly, over-exposure can lead to body tumors. Cancer aside, there are plenty of other health ailments associated with using mobile phones. Studies reveal that mobile phones can cause mental stress and anxiety in teens in addition to low IQ levels and reduced learning abilities in infants. 

  • Impact Eye Health 

Blue light emitted from smartphone screens can lead to various health effects and, majorly, eye diseases. Exposure to blue light will not only reduce the quality of your sleep but also contribute to diseases like obesity, diabetes, and heart diseases. The best way to get rid of the harmful effects of mobile phones in Ireland is to cut down their usage in the dark. 

  • Disturb The Mental Health 

Mobile phones are a way by which people connect to others, establish their social circle, and much more. Over usage of mobile phones can impact your mental health in a negative manner. In addition, mobile users get depressed and anxious when they come across stronger phone signals

Final Words 

No matter whether you’re an adult or a child, it’s vital to keep yourself aware of the harmful effects of mobile phones in Ireland. You need to ensure that you take precautionary steps to curb the use of mobile phones. For instance, you can replace half of your mobile tasks with computers and laptops. 

Plus, you can avoid using the phone while it’s less in charge. To minimize the exposure to the radiation, you should wear a wired headset and limit the time you talk on the cell phone. Being a double-edged sword, it’s your duty to use the cell phone carefully and avoid the harmful effects of mobile phones in Ireland. Stay alert, stay safe!

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