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What Is EMF, Its Impact, And How Can Electromagnetic Specialists Help?

Have you ever wondered what EMF means? Perhaps you are curious about the most common sources of microwave radiation. Here, we are offering you a detailed guide on what EMF is and how electromagnetic specialists can help you create a safer and EMF-free home for yourself and your kids.

What are Electromagnetic Fields?

EMF is simply the abbreviation for the electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields are invisible energy fields or waves of radiation. EMFs are dangerous, but an experienced electromagnetic specialist in Ireland can help you detect the source of EMF in your home or building and protect you against it.

There are numerous sorts of electromagnetic fields in the surrounding environment. They originate from both natural (such as sunshine) and artificial sources (like mobile phones). By their frequency, EMFs are often classified into one of two categories:

  • Non-ionizing: Low-level radiation is regarded as typically harmless to humans.
  • Ionizing: High-level radiation that has the potential to cause harm to cells and DNA.

Difference between ionizing and non-ionizing electromagnetic fields

Non-ionizing Electromagnetic fields:

Low to mid-frequency non-ionizing radiation is generally regarded as innocuous due to its lack of potency.
Extremely Low-Frequency Sources (ELF).

  • Radio Frequency (RF).
  • Microwaves.
  • Visible Light
  • Microwave appliances.
  • Computers.
  • House energy smart meters.
  • Wireless networks (Wi-Fi)
  • Cell Phones.
  • Bluetooth technology.
  • Power lines.
  • MRIs.

Ionizing Electromagnetic fields

Long-term exposure to mid- to high-frequency radiation can, under certain conditions, cause cellular and/or DNA damage.
Sources: Ultraviolet (UV).

  • X-Rays.
  • Sunlight.
  • X-Rays.
  • Gamma Rays

An electromagnetic specialist can help you detect any kind of radiation and help you build a safe place for anyone.

How do electromagnetic fields affect health?

Electromagnetic radiation may enter deeply into our bodies through the cell phone clutched to our ears or a wireless router on our desks. Detailed research into the long-term effects of EMF exposure is mostly controversial and still relatively limited. It is partly because many wireless technologies simply did not exist ten years ago, so data on the long-term genetic impact simply does not exist yet. However, there is accumulating evidence that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation has negative biological effects.

International physicians, scientists, organizations, electromagnetic specialists and government agencies have initiated, endorsed, and signed dozens of pleas, petitions, bans, and scientific publications expressing concern over the negative health impacts of wireless technology.

Are Children At Risk?

Children are believed to be comparatively more susceptible to the effects of radio frequency (RF) radiation because they are still developing. Additionally, kids’ skulls are considerably smaller, and their brains contain more fluid than adults, meaning they will absorb more radiation. However, the electromagnetic specialist can help adults remain mindful and prevent their kids from dangerously high EMF.

Why Should You Be Concerned About EMFs In Your Everyday Life?

Our bodies are continually surrounded by electromagnetic fields (EMFs), which we cannot see, touch, or hear in our homes, schools, workplaces, transportation networks, and public areas.

Our exposure to man-made EMFs has continuously increased over the past century, paralleling the rising need for energy and the current boom of wireless technologies, including smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In fact, the levels of artificial radio frequency radiation that exist now are reportedly a quintillion times higher than the levels of natural background radiation. That’s correct – quintillion (1018). We now carry Wi-Fi-enabled devices in our pockets, sleep every night next to them, hold them close to our heads for hours, and offer them to toddlers to play with.

It is the exact reason why one should be concerned about EMF exposure and hire an electromagnetic specialist to detect EMF within buildings. An experienced electromagnetic specialist can help you detect EMF through high-tech devices, suggest materials to block and decrease the effect of EMF, and offer mindful suggestions to lead a better life.

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