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How To Determine If Electromagnetic Field Testing Consultant Company is Legitimate?

An electromagnetic field testing consultant company must meet various fundamental conditions to be deemed a legitimate business. These conditions are as follows:

  • The General Liability as well as Professional Liability Insurance
  • An IRS federal EIN tax identification number with its official business name.
  • It must be a business that is registered in a state or province.
  • Note that these enterprises could be founded as Incorporations, Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, or non-profits.

In addition to this, the EMF Testing Company must also include its electromagnetic field testing consultant or experts information, including:

  • Legal names
  • Relevant certificates
  • Relevant education
  • Previous employment experiences
  • Education and Diplomas

Most importantly, since an EMF Testing Company Munster will send consultants to your home or workplace, an image of their on-site electromagnetic field testing consultants must be inserted on their website.

As a client, you should also look for the following information and ensure that your selected EMF field testing company must have listed its:

  • Postal address
  • Traceable phone number
  • Email address

Kindly note that the fact that an EMF Testing Company is classified as a Google My Business that may purchase Google Ads does NOT indicate or imply that it is a reputable business that you can trust. Google does not verify the license and certification claims of its ad campaign clients or enterprises included in its search engine. So, companies with ‘Google My Business accounts’ can be considered credible organizations.

Why Does One Need To Be Mindful Of What EMF Experts They Choose?

Inexcusable self-proclaimed “electromagnetic field testing consultants and experts” disrupt the whole home service industry and do permanent harm to people who are exposed to intolerable amounts of electromagnetic radiation.
Specifically, injury is brought about by:

  • Inadequate training to test accurately and comprehensively
  • Consistent inability to offer correct advice on clean up methods and suitable mitigation techniques.
  • Not recognizing international norms and disregarding peer-reviewed papers from BioInitiative.org.

These so-called experts often follow the practice of draining clients’ resources by demanding expensive fees for meaningless assessments. This, in turn, leaves customers with a financial crisis and the inability to pay a professionally trained EMRS to clean up the mess they created.

Is there any State or Local License for EMF Testing in Munster?

No! Sadly, no state or province in the UK issues a license or court certification for EMF testing.

Therefore, you must be wary of any electromagnetic field testing consultant who claims to be an “EMF expert” or “EMF Medical Expert” that possesses a state license or court certification for EMF testing. This is an alert that you have encountered someone who is openly attempting to take advantage of the general population.

Here is what we suggest you do if someone claims to hold an EMF Testing License:

  • Request an electronic PDF copy of their EMF Testing License or Court Certification.
  • Send these forgeries to your local Chamber of Commerce and your local courthouse.

Note: Do not expect to receive these materials any time soon. These electromagnetic field testing consultants will never present these non-existent documents.

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Electrical engineers and electricians. We are passionate about learning how to properly test and reduce electromagnetic radiation on any premises, whether residential or commercial.

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