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Who is EMRS, and what does EMRS Ireland do?

Electromagnetic radiation specialists are called EMRS. The electromagnetic radiation specialist providers are trained to locate, assess, and mitigate or eliminate electromagnetic emissions in homes, schools, businesses, and commercial structures. A trained EMRS Ireland can assist homeowners, homebuyers, architects, builders, electricians, inspectors, and engineers on the techniques and procedures that limit the presence of electromagnetic fields in residential and commercial structures.

A certified EMRS Ireland is educated in the fundamentals of building wiring practices and applicable National Electrical Codes (NEC) as well as power line configurations. Electromagnetic radiation specialists have knowledge of the frequency spectrum, which includes DC (direct current), AC (alternating current), electric fields, magnetic fields, radio frequency (RF), and dirty electricity. EMRS also possesses the knowledge of the health effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure; and light quality and its effects on humans. An Electromagnetic radiation specialist conducts surveys to ensure your building is safe or to help you mitigate electromagnetic emissions in a building.

What does an Electromagnetic radiation specialist have to do to get certified?

One must finish 200 credit hours of coursework, pass tests, attend training seminars, complete lab work, and complete field training under the supervision of a mentor to become an Electromagnetic radiation specialist. Once certified, continued education is necessary for EMRS ireland to stay abreast of industry developments.

Not all certified EMRS Ireland providers are the best at what they do. However, certain service providers such as EMF inspection Munster offer more efficient and comprehensive surveys to help you and create a better living environment. 

Why are EMRS surveys conducted?

Typically, EMF surveys are undertaken by EMRS Ireland for the following reasons:

  • Property transactions
  • Health concerns
  • Low EMF architecture
  • Building evaluations
  • Detection of wiring mistakes and rogue currents
  • Problems with equipment interference
  • Standard for field reduction techniques
  • Long-term data logging to analyze EMF level fluctuations
  • Future exposure forecasts

The magnitude of electromagnetic fields can fluctuate considerably over time. Site-based data logging enables the observation of field fluctuations over time, the identification of circuits, equipment activation, and source identification. In conjunction with accessible current load data, it is possible to extrapolate EMF field levels into the future.


Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, simply put is a complete and rigorous training program. It includes hands-on instruction in advanced electromagnetic radiation and natural healthy building topics. However, they are not BBI-certified to treat indoor air quality issues unless they are IAQ-certified by an authorized third party. Our EMRS Ireland providers are trained in the identification and mitigation of electromagnetic radiation. Our EMRS Ireland specialists can assist you in taking appropriate action based on the facts and empower you to live in a healthier living space. Take control of your family’s health, contact EMS Inspection Munster to receive the expertise of top EMRS Ireland providers today!

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