How Does EMF Cause Cancer

How Does EMF Cause Cancer: Facts About EMF Exposure

With the recent technological development, humans are increasingly exposed to EMF, which has often caused fears in people’s minds, especially the fear of cancer. But does EMF really cause cancer, and if so, how does emf cause cancer? Let’s find out here.

What Is EMF?

Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) encircle electrical equipment, often known as radiation. Everyday EMF sources include:

Power lines
Wiring and wiring
Microwave ranges
Cell phones

How are individuals subjected to ELF radiation?

Electricity generation, transmission, distribution, and use of all these things expose individuals to ELF radiation. All electric devices emit ELF radiation, including refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, televisions, and computer monitors (when turned on). Even electric blankets are a source of ELF radiation exposure.

Your exposure to electromagnetic radiation depends on the field’s strength, distance from the source, and how long you’re exposed. When a person stays close to a source releasing a strong electromagnetic field, they are exposed to the most radiation.

Some individuals are concerned about the link between EMF exposure and cancer, and if you are one of those, then you may often ponder upon ‘how does emf cause cancer.’

Some research has discovered an association between EMF exposure and an increased incidence of leukaemia in kids. In contrast, other studies done by researchers have not found any evidence that exposure to electromagnetic fields promotes other childhood diseases. Additionally, studies on adults have also not demonstrated that exposure to electromagnetic fields promotes cancer. But let’s shed light on this and answer if and how does emf cause cancer?

Can ELF radiation cause cancer?

Researchers employ two primary studies to determine whether a substance causes cancer: laboratory and human studies.

Lab Research

Several lab studies have examined ELF magnetic fields’ impact on cancer in rats and mice. These trials expose animals to magnetic fields of 2 to 5000 microtesla (T), which is stronger than the magnetic fields humans are exposed to at home.

Most studies haven’t found an increased cancer risk, and ELF-exposed animals exhibited a lower cancer risk. In one study, male rats exposed to particular chemicals had a greater chance of C-cell thyroid cancer.

This increased risk wasn’t seen in female rats or mice, nor at maximum field strength. Similar inconsistencies and the fact that similar findings were not consistently identified in other research make it difficult for scientists to infer that exposure to ELF radiation increases cancer risk.

Other research on mice and rats has likewise failed to show an association between ELF radiation and leukaemia and lymphoma.

Research On Humans

Research is not simply done on adults but also on kids between the age of 6 to 16 to better understand if EMF could cause cancer in them. Let’s see the results of most research conducted by reputed experts to understand if and how does emf cause cancer.

In Kids

Numerous research has examined the potential relationship between ELF radiation from magnetic fields in the house and childhood cancer or leukaemia, with contradictory findings. When the results of these studies are combined, however, a modest increase in risk is observed for children with higher exposure levels compared to those with the lowest exposure levels. However, studies have discovered no correlation between ELF electric fields and childhood leukaemia.

In Adults

Despite the fact that a number of research studies have examined potential correlations between ELF exposures in adults and cancer, most of these investigations have failed to identify a correlation.

How Does EMF Cause Cancer?

As per current research, EMF is not really responsible for cancer when exposed to a minimal amount. However, higher EMF exposure can result in health concerns, including cancer.

If you are concerned with avoiding potential dangers, you can reduce your exposure by:

  • Try to reduce the amount of time you spend on your cell phone is beneficial.
  • Use speaker mode or headphones to increase the distance between your head and your mobile phone.
  • Reducing the EMF exposure in your home by connecting with a reputed EMF expert such as EMF Inspections Munster.

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