cell tower radiation health effects Cork

Protect Your Home From Cell Tower Radiation and Health Effects in Cork

Cell phone health effects have become more of a concern as we become more tethered to the technology that keeps people connected with friends and family globally. Nowadays using mobile phones has become very common to make calls, check email, and surf the net. Understanding what the concerns are and taking precautions will allow you to evaluate what is best when using a beautiful obsession that has become essential for keeping your cell phone connected.

Radio frequencies enable phones to operate. But it is very suspicious among some cell users. People are worried about how much exposure to the frequencies you may be exposed to while operating your phone. Use your phone to make a call in the area you are located in particularly cell towers and receive radio waves. The waves this tower emits are absorbed by the body, most specifically the head area causing several diseases. Headache, body ache, fatigue, rashes, itching, skin, and another kind of cancer are known diseases that can happen due to radiation that comes out of a cell tower.

There is various research that proves cell towers have the potential to damage skin cells and trigger cancer cells that can cause brain tumors, cancer, and the largest disease. As well as fertility issues also loom large, especially for men. Not only the mobile tower but the radiation a cell phone emits has also the potential to damage your health at the same level.

Tips to Keep Yourself Safe From Cell Tower

  • Shielding your home based on the meter readings. Shieling your entire home might not seem practically possible. In such cases shield that part of your home where you spend most of your time. Asking professionals to evaluate the strength of the radiation inside your home and you can keep restricted and limited yourself to go in a high-intensity zone.

  • If your bedroom is the only place that is getting affected by cell tower radiations and that one spends a large amount of time here then installing an EMF faraday canopy over your bed is highly recommended. This is an advanced device that can cost a little extra but it is effective. It helps in keeping away the radio frequencies.

  • Windows are the initial points to be safeguarded and shielded against mobile tower radiations. Windows have the least protection from an electromagnetic frequency meter but adding a special window film will make your home effectively protected.

  • If you do not find yourself comfortable and feasible using typical, expensive, and tedious procedures, protect your home against cell towers, high frequency shielding paint can play a significant role. Shielding paints are available as non-toxic solutions which can be easily applied. This high-quality paint can be applied to walls, doors, ceilings, and other surfaces to protect your building. 

There are various cell tower radiation health effects Cork that can damage your health and make you weaker before age. Consulting experts and inspecting your property and evaluating the frequency range can help understand the risk level and how to protect yourself. Shielding your home and preventing it is the best solution to minimize cell tower radiation health effects Cork. So, make your property safe from cell tower radiation health effects Cork by making a wise decision. Call experts to consult and discuss the cell tower radiation health effects Cork.

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