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What Is Building Biology, and What Does Building Biologist Ireland Do?

Building biology is a science that explores the health hazards inside the built environment. This includes everything from chemicals in building materials, household products, lead dust, house dust mites, noxious gases, electromagnetic fields, allergies, mold,  geopathic stress, and drinking water contaminants. The industry developed in Germany in the 1970s in response to the number of sick ‘energy-efficient buildings erected to reduce energy costs during the oil embargo.

What is the role of a Building Biologist?

A Building Biologist Ireland is an indoor environmental consultant who is trained to identify and address the health hazards in the built environment. This will include air, water, and biological contaminants, as well as electromagnetic fields. A significant portion of their work entails educating the tenants about the health concerns normally present in a building and proposing practical and cost-effective solutions to solve these issues. As a result of the extensive information and abilities acquired by Building Biologist Ireland, they are able to specialize in a variety of sectors, including electromagnetic field-testing, mold audits, allergies, and healthy building design.

What inspections does Building Biologist perform?

A building biologist Ireland performs inspections in:

  • Electromagnetic fields— The infection done by Building Biologist include:
  1.  AC magnetic fields resulting from 50Hz frequency. They check high voltage transmission lines, distribution lines, substations, and current-drawing appliances such as the refrigerator and stove. 
  2. Building Biologist in Ireland also provides audits for radio waves employed in wireless technologies. This includes Wi-Fi, mobile phones, blue tooth, cordless phones, smart meters, and baby monitors.  

According to the World Health Organization, both of these fields are categorized as Group 2B potentially carcinogenic for humans.

  • Indoor air quality— The audits by Building Biologist in Ireland are done for toxic gases, plastics, paints, solvents, lacquers, household items, and construction materials.
  • Allergies The Building Biologist in Ireland determinees the kind and prevalence of allergens as well as the sources of moisture in the building mold. They offer guidance on the sources of dust, dust mites, pollen, and pets
  • Audits prior to inspection— These are done by Building Biologist in Ireland to identify potential health issues

Are there any other services offered by Building Biologist?

Yes, a building biologist also assists and guides clients to create a healthy and low allergy home. They consider passive ventilation, lighting, and interior air quality. Building Biologist in Ireland evaluates building materials for VOC emissions, particles, radioactivity, hygroscopicity, and their life cycle analyses while discussing how to build a healthy, low-allergy home.

In addition, a building biologist provides information on how to eliminate allergens in the home. They also provide guidance on how to clean the home with little chemical use. In addition, info and help on issues including dos and don’ts for dogs, suggestion on sort of vacuum cleaner to purchase, how to air bedding, and solutions to dampness issues, are offered by building biologists.

Key Takeaway

Building Biologist in Ireland is a lifesaver for you and your home. You can create a healthier living surrounding within your home and live a healthier life with the guidance, assistance, and audits done by building biologists. EMF Inspection Munster offers premium services to clients. Create a healthier and happier home by booking an audit by a building biologist from EMF Inspection Munster.

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