Cell Tower Radiation in Cork

Cell Tower Radiation in Cork And Its Impact On Human Health

Just like your cell phone, cell tower radiation in Cork is equally hazardous to human health. This is because the cell towers emit low-frequency electromagnetic radiation. These radiations will not only erode your health but also expose you to severe health diseases. The best way to remain protected from harmful radiation is to choose a home and office location that is beyond the safe distance from the cell tower radiation. Studies reveal that if you live within 400 meters of mobile phone towers, it can impact your health adversely. 

Impact Of Cell Tower Radiation in Cork On Human Health 

Below listed are a few harmful effects of radiation emitted by cell phone towers. 

  1. Towers emitting harmful radiation can make the air polluted and poisonous. The people living within 300 meters radius of the cell tower radiation in Cork are exposed heavily to the harmful effects. 
  2. The emitted electromagnetic radiation can cause damage to humans as well as animals. This is the main reason why there are fewer birds and animals in areas with a high number of mobile towers. 
  3. Overexposure to radiation can reduce the essential proteins present in the body. On the other hand, these radiations are responsible for increasing uric acid and glucose levels in the body. Overall, it can impact your health negatively, leading to unwanted diseases. 
  4. People when exposed to the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the cell tower often experience headaches, extra stress, anxiousness, and at the same time other unwanted diseases. 
  5. Thermal and non-thermal effects of the cell tower radiation in Cork can cause cataracts, fatigue, digestive problems, lack of concentration, and much more. Pregnant women, children, and adolescents are at the maximum risk of radiation. 

Final Words 

Studies reveal that these radiations will not only impact your body but also become a cause of cancer in the future. Many cancer specialists state that cell tower radiation can contribute to cancer and other serious health ailments. Cancer aside, lower sperm count, high risk of heart attack, and birth defects are a few long-term harmful effects of cell tower radiation in Cork

A few short term harmful effects include higher stress and fatigue, headache, irritation, poor sleep quality, and many more. To get rid of such harmful effects, it’s crucial to keep yourself aware about the consequences. With sufficient knowledge, it would be easy for you to deal with the unnecessary complications without any extra hassle. 

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