Dangers of EMF Exposure

Dangers of EMF Exposure and How EMRS Ireland Can Protect You

Our Power lines, telephones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and PCs emit invisible energy waves. These are known as EMFs which are created whenever electricity is utilized, including at home and at work.

While most scientists don’t believe EMFs are dangerous, Electromagnetic radiation specialists (EMRS Ireland) know of the repercussions and so offer services for your protection. Some experts such as EMRS Ireland worry about the health repercussions of EMF, but should you be worried too? Let’s find out!

What are EMFs?

Since the beginning of the cosmos, the sun has radiated EMFs. The sun emits EMFs and radiates energy. The power lines feeding the world’s population with energy emit EMFs, exactly like the sun.

Many new electrical equipments emit EMFs too, and so do medicine improved, imaging instruments like X-rays and CT scans. Today, 90% of the world’s population uses electricity. This creates electricity and EMFs globally.

However, don’t be worried because, despite all those waves, scientists and EMRS Ireland experts think most types of EMFs may not be harmful to you. So, let’s find out about safe and unsafe EMF’s now!

Types of EMF exposures

Radiation exits around the Electromagnetic spectrum. This radiation spans from high-frequency (high-energy) to low-frequency (low-energy).

High-energy radiation examples:

  • x-rays
  • Gamma Rays
  • Higher-energy UV rays

This is ionizing radiation, which “ionizes” atoms to impact cells on the atomic level. Ionizing radiation can harm DNA and cells, causing mutations and cancer.

Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation is at the other end. It’s non-ionizing. Most researchers agree that it’s not enough to destroy DNA or cells, but it can move or vibrate atoms in the body.

Between ELF radiation and high-energy radiation on the spectrum are types of non-ionizing radiations that include:

  • RF (Radio Frequency) waves
  • Visible Light
  • infrared

Most radiation combines electric and magnetic forces which results in an electromagnetic field (EMF).
Electric and Magnetic fields in ELF radiation can also behave independently. So most EMRS Ireland experts call these two ELF fields “magnetic fields” and “electric fields.”

What EMFs could you be exposed to?

High-Frequency EMFs

It is a form of Ionizing radiation. Large doses of HFEMF’s can damage DNA or cells, says EMRS Ireland experts. X-ray and CT equipment emit minimal levels of this radiation. Other sources include radioactive gamma radiation, tanning bed, or solar UV radiation.

Low-to-mid-frequency EMFs

It is a form of Non-ionizing radiation. It’s mild and harmless. Microwaves, telephones, hairdryers, washing machines, power lines, and MRIs emit this radiation. These EMFs include extremely low frequency and Radiofrequency.

Natural and man-made sources produce non-ionizing EMFs. Natural EMFs include the earth’s magnetic field. Non-ionizing radiation creates two forms of human-made EMFs:

Extremely low-frequency EMFs

Non-ionizing radiation can come from power lines, electrical wiring, and personal gadgets like electric shavers, hairdryers, and electric blankets.

Radiofrequency radiation

Cell phones, smart meters, tablets, and laptops generate non-ionizing radiation. Radio, TV, radar, satellite stations, and MRI equipment generate it too.

Do you need to check the EMF exposure in your home?

EMRS Ireland experts are at your service to offer you the right services. Get expert opinions, know if your building is safe for a high-level of EMF’s and live a healthier life. EMRS Ireland service providers such as EMF Inspectors Munster offer you expert opinions and help you build a healthier and safer home for you and your loved ones.

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